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The Deluxe Box Shelf Solution: Got Heavy? This is the shelf to
store it on.

There can only be one original. In the world of the box shelf
system, Deluxe is the one and only. It lives up to the title “heavy
duty” and makes no excuses when it comes to performance.

First, consider the fact that the Deluxe Original Box Shelf is by far
the strongest one piece shelf available. Deluxe is the box shelf
system the others strive to live up to. Second, consider design and
engineering that sets the standard for being rock-solid from the
ground up. Then there is 1-inch vertical adjustability that
provides the maximum amount of storage space no matter how
minimal the area.

When it comes to a box shelf storage solution that has been
proven to stand the test of time, go with the original. Go Deluxe.
The Deluxe Open Unit Shelf Solution: Rock-solid and ready for the most
demanding applications.

Open Unit Shelving is the backbone of any well-planned, all-purpose storage
solution. Stability is key.
Side and end sway braces on Deluxe Open Unit Shelving provide lock-down
rigidity for storing bulky or over-sized items safely and securely.  Engineered to
the nation’s most demanding seismic specifications, Deluxe Open Unit Shelving is
the one to depend on. And when it comes to flexibility of application, Deluxe
Open Unit Shelving provides you with three post options to fit any situation.
open shelving
The Deluxe Closed Unit Shelf Solution: Storeroom or Showroom. It looks as good as it works.

If a shelf system could be categorized as “spiffy,” Deluxe Closed Unit shelving would be first in

Featuring rigid metal backing and side panels, Deluxe Closed Unit shelving makes for a storage
solution that is definitely ready for prime time. Deluxe Closed Unit shelving perfectly combine
structural integrity with a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Specifically engineered
panels are available in KD or welded assemblies for high profile duty, from storeroom to
showroom to living room or office.
closed shelving
The Deluxe Bin Unit Shelf Solution: Don’t just store it. Organize it.

In certain storage applications, the order of the day is divide and conquer.

Deluxe Bin Units utilize full height repositionable dividers to conquer clutter by creating adjustable
storage bins that afford ease of configuration, categorization and classification.

Consider Deluxe Bin Units the perfect solution for storage applications where separation of parts,
containers or boxes is required for ease, speed and accuracy of access. Individualized compartments
make it a snap to store everything from CDs to PCs. And since Deluxe Bin Units are adjustable on 1"
increments, they easily accommodate your ever-changing inventory requirements.
Bin units shelving
The Deluxe Multilevel Shelving Solution: Make every square foot of storage space count.

The perfect storage solution is the one that affords the maximum amount of storage space in
the total area available. The Deluxe Multilevel Shelving System provides you with a fully
integrated and expandable storage solution that begins with a single level and allows you to
expand upward to two-level, three-level or deckover applications to meet your current and
future needs.

Every component of the Deluxe Multilevel Shelving System is safety-engineered to meet and
surpass OSHA, BOCA, and UBC requirements, from box shelf to High Rise Box Post to
catwalk. In addition to safety considerations, the Deluxe Multilevel Shelving System’s grating
construction of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel permits long lasting strength and

The Deluxe Multilevel Shelving System is a triumph of applied engineering. Western Pacific
will engineer a two-level, three-level, or deckover system with a variety of options. Select the
stairs, handrail, flooring, and other options that meet your ventilation, lighting, and sprinkler
considerations. All are ideal for seismic, heavy duty, or three or more level applications.
multi-level shelving
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