Super Erecta Display Shelving
•No tool assembly.
•Adjustable:  Shelves can be repositioned at precise 1" (25mm)
increments along the length of the numbered posts.
•Unique Design:  Open-wire design highlights merchandise so
customers notice.
•Mobile:  Full line of casters available for mobile applications.
•Available in a palette of finishes and colors.
Madix Display Shelvingindoff
Madix Display Shelvingindoff
Madix Display Shelvingindoff
Madix Display Shelvingindoff
Madix Display Shelvingindoff
Hi-Tech Shelving Units
Hi-Tech Industrial Grade Shelving
Beaded Front Post
Angle Back Posts
One Piece Shelf Clip
Heavy Duty Shelves
Single Rivet Shelving
Double Rivet Shelving
Single Rivet
Particle Board Decking
EZ Deck Steel Shelf
Decking Options
Rivetwell Boltless shelving is designed for use with particle board wood decking, wire decking or our
exclusive EZ-Deck steel decking. EZ-Deck cannot be used with single rivet beams nor Z-beams and
must be used on center supported double rivet angle or channel beam levels only.

Our particle board decking is 5/8" industrial grade type 1-M-2.
Our EZ-Deck steel decking is 22 gauge spangled galvanized sheet steel fabricated in 6" deep channel
planks combined to meet unit depths. 15" deep levels will be supplied using two 7-1/2" deep
EZ-Deck planks.
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Hi-Tech® Components
Beaded Front Posts
** Beaded for strength
** Flush with sides of shelf to permit straight-in/straight-out shelf installation, shelf changing and
shelf loading. No tilt of shelf required.
** Get the full use of shelf area
** Punched on 1-1/2" centers to allow positioning of one shelf independent of other shelves

Angle Back Posts and T-Posts
** Roll formed into a unique angle shape for maximum strength
** The long leg is punched on 1-1/2" centers to allow independent shelf adjustment
** Angle posts can be used in place of beaded front posts if needed

H-Posts (Non-Stock Item)
** Designed for high-density applications
** More than twice the capacity of standard posts
** Used at front and back
** Used with standard Hi-Tech components

One Piece Shelf Clip
** Each shelf requires four of these sturdy and compact clips
** Clips key snugly into post slots to hold shelves securely in place
** Fits both beaded front and angle back posts as well as T-posts
** Provides independent shelf positioning on 1-1/2" centers
** Non-intrusive clip sits flush with inside edge of front posts

Heavy Duty Shelves
** Tubular box beam flange front and rear for greater strength
** Exclusive triple bend side flanges for added strength
** Lapped and welded corners
** Top of shelf is punched to accept shelf dividers
** Uses four one piece shelf clips per shelf
** Can be installed together with both beaded front and angle back posts as well as T-posts and
** Standard-duty and extra heavy-duty units are in stock. Consult factory for availability
Double Rivet
Madix Display Shelving
Display Shelving Systems
Maxi Line Display Shelving Brochure
Maxi Line
Maxi Line Brochure
Tube Line Shelving Brochure
Tube Line
Tube Line Brochure
Freestanding Display Shelving Brochure
Freestanding Display
Counters & Showcases
Counters & Showcases
Tube Line Brochure
Tube Line Brochure
Madix Display Shelving
Madix produces displays for an array of retail applications. Some of the most common
types of freestanding displays are four way merchandisers, platforms, display tables,
rolling displayers, cubes, pedestals, and dump bins. Often these displays create focal
points that complement aisle and perimeter fixture runs, or they are deployed exclusively
when space is limited or a particular look is desired.
Maxi Line is Madix’s most popular and versatile product. It serves as the aisle and perimeter
wall fixture for most retailers, and it has universal appeal among segments. Easy to assemble,
Maxi Line has snap-together parts and built-in levelers. It is available in multiple sizes with
remarkable choices for finish out. It features thousands of shelves, merchandising accessories,
and back panel options. Maxi Line’s standard shelves include integral tag moldings, round
perforations for accessories, and slim, multi-position brackets.
Tube Line is an alternative to Maxi for aisle and perimeter wall shelving. The line includes
several options for shelves, merchandising accessories, and back panels. Tube Line has a
reduced load capacity rating compared to Maxi Line’s, but it assembles faster since it has fewer
snap-together parts. The line’s standard shelves include flush-front tag, diamond-shaped
perforations for accessories and slim, multi-position brackets. The T-Rack Fashion and Shoe
models are offshoots of Tube Line, and they are perfect for selling apparel and shoes.
Madix offers a variety of wooden checkouts, service counters, register stands, corner fills, and
framed and slab end showcases to complement our metal offerings. Designed to be attractive
and durable, each line is available in various finishes and sizes to satisfy multiple retail
Chrome Shelving
Metro Chrome Shelving
Chrome Shelving Units
Liquor Store Shelving
Liquor Store Shelving
Shopping Carts
Shopping Carts Available
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Pacific Shelving
Select a Shelving Type for Description
Pacific Shelving Solutions
Pacific shelving: it never met a situation it couldn’t handle.

Pacific Shelving offers the versatility of interchangeable components for all open and closed
shelving units, the option of assembling with bolts and nuts rather than clips, and a selection of
front post styles. Starter and adder models are available in most sizes.
RiveTier Shelving
RiveTier Shelving Solutions
RiveTier Boltless Shelving: saving you time and money
Not only does it assemble in minutes, it’s actually 30% less expensive to assemble than bolted
shelving, and 40% lower overall. Offering six different types of units, your problems are as
good as solved.
Deluxe Shelving
Deluxe Shelving Solutions
The Deluxe Box Shelf Solution: Got Heavy? This is the shelf to store it on.  There can only be one
original. In the world of the box shelf system, Deluxe is the one and only. It lives up to the title
“heavy duty” and makes no excuses when it comes to performance.  First, consider the fact that
the Deluxe Original Box Shelf is by far the strongest one piece shelf available. Deluxe is the box
shelf system the others strive to live up to. Second, consider design and engineering that sets the
standard for being rock-solid from the ground up. Then there is 1-inch vertical adjustability that
provides the maximum amount of storage space no matter how minimal the area.  When it comes
to a box shelf storage solution that has been proven to stand the test of time, go with the original.
QuikPik Carton Flow Shelving
QuikPik Carton Flow Systems: Turning wasted space into efficient space. In just a snap.

Store 150% more of your product in the same amount of space, just by converting a static pallet
rack to a live carton flow system—in minutes.
QuikPik Carton Flow Solutions
Western Pacific Shelving Solutions Link
Western Pacific Shelving Solutions
Hi-Tech Industrial grade steel shelving continues a tradition of quality
established generations ago with the goal of providing a shelving line with the
today's modern facilities.

5 Day Shipping Available from Stock
Our complete line of shelving is designed and engineered to the highest
standards. A full complement of accessories including full dividers, partial
dividers, label holders, swinging doors, post splices for multilevel installations
and foot plates are available to complete your system.
Solutions Unlimited!    
RivetWell Boltless Steel Shelving
Rivetwell Boltless shelving is designed to maximize storage space and minimize installation/set-up time. All
components are engineered to attach snugly to one another without the use of loose fasteners. This unique
tightly assembled providing maximum strength.

Starter units consist of four standard angle posts, four left-to-right standard double rivet angle beams, four
front-to-back standard double rivet angle beams, two left-to-right standard single rivet beams per
intermediate level and two front-to-back standard single rivet beam at one intermediate level only (30" and
36" deep units include two front-to-back single rivet beams at each intermediate level).

Adder units consist of two standard T-Posts, four left-to-right standard double rivet angle beams, two
front-to-back standard double rivet angle beam, two left-to-right standard single rivet beam per intermediate
level and one front-to-back standard single rivet beam at one intermediate level only (30" and 36" deep units
include one front-to-back single rivet beam at each intermediate level).

Be sure to order one of each particle board decking per level.

EZ-Deck steel decking cannot be used on single rivet units.
Sales improve on fixtures when the merchandise is easy to see and touch. Shoppers will not buy merchandise
that is sold out or difficult to find. Madix manufactures a complete line of fixtures and accessories that best
utilize space for neat, eye-catching presentations. Madix fits you with fixtures that best lift sales of the particular
type of merchandise that you are selling in your stores. Besides being strong, durable, and functional, Madix’s
displays are also cost effective.
available. A unique corner release system and SiteSelect Posts make changing shelf levels fast and easy, without tools!
And Super Adjustable Shelving works in conjunction with the entire Super Erecta System of shelves and accessories

•Easily adjustable at 1-inch (25mm) intervals.
•Easily assembled without tools.
•Unique shelf design minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air.
•Unique post design: provides a visual guide for positioning and adjusting shelves.
•Fast and easy reconfiguration.
Display Shelving Shelving
Chrome Shelving
Western Pacific Shelving Solutions
        Material Handling and Storage Solutions!    
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